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ESG+H is your strategic partner on your sustainability journey. We assist businesses in understanding and integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors with a human-centric approach. This is a seamless shift towards sustainable and responsible practices

We offer a comprehensive ESG assessment service that evaluates your business's ESG factors. By understanding your current footprint, we can formulate an effective strategy that aligns with international standards, providing a solid base for sustainable growth.

Our ESG audit service provides an in-depth review of your ESG practices. We identify opportunities for improvement and provide clear guidance on how to bolster your ESG profile, making your business more appealing to stakeholders and investors.

Our ESG risk assessment service helps you understand and manage potential ESG risks. We aid in safeguarding your business from environmental, social, and governance risks while highlighting opportunities for growth and resilience.

We provide consultancy services for businesses starting their ESG journey. From understanding the basic principles to ESG investing consultancy, we are here to guide you. With ESG+H, you are not alone in your sustainability journey.

Shaping a sustainable future, with no compromises

We hold our services to the highest standards, ensuring a comprehensive, transparent, and human-centered approach to ESG integration. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and opportunities.

ESG Assessment
ESG Audit
ESG Risk Assessment

“ESG+H’s services were transformative for our business. We are now more aware, responsible, and ready for the future.”

Alistair Kaurismäki

“ESG+H is our go-to consultancy for all things ESG. Their unique human-centered approach resonates with our values.”

Anna-Sophia Trommler

Consltancy plans

We offer flexible consultancy plans tailored to your business's needs. Our plans make integrating ESG into your operations straightforward and cost-effective. Reach out to us for more details.


Ideal for SMEs starting their ESG journey

  • ESG Basics Training

  • Initial ESG Assessment

  • Quarterly Consultancy Sessions


Comprehensive ESG integration plan for growing businesses

  • In-depth ESG Assessment

  • ESG Audit

  • Monthly Consultancy Sessions


Tailored ESG integration plan for your unique needs

  • Custom ESG Services

  • Bespoke ESG Strategy

  • Ongoing Support